When adultery, death, and abandonment come calling, the Smith's get caught in an endless cycle of midlife crises. But all six of these psychic sisters are determined to persevere when they purchase a rundown New Orleans plantation to expand their growing business. As all the magic trapped in the land is accidentally unleashed, the sister become the magical world's official party planners, but not without a few hiccups and hijinks along the way.  





What happens when six middle-aged sisters with a party planning business buy a cursed plantation? Add one ghoul, the Queen of Voodoo, and a dash of unlocked dormant magic and find out!

When Dani convinces her five sisters to sink everything they have into purchasing a dilapidated old plantation, it seems like a great idea at the time. They need a site to expand their business, and none of them is a stranger to the occasional escapade. Little do they know buying Willowberry Plantation House will be the biggest adventure of their lives.

As New Orleans natives, the sisters aren't at all surprised to find a ghost haunting their new house. What they don't see coming is their discovery that the land was cursed by a wrathful witch centuries earlier. Then things get really strange when Phoebe pays them a visit, unlocking more than just the magic trapped in the earth as she removes the hex that plagued the plantation.

Can their business thrive with a ghoul on the grounds, an angry Voodoo Queen to appease, and a leaky roof to fix? As the sisters scramble to pull off their very first shifter mating ceremony, two things are certain: they won't make it without each other, and they've stumbled upon some incredible new powers they don't yet understand.





Throwing the perfect party for a siren's birthday is hard enough. Keeping the fussy client happy while trying to stop a killer might be more than the twisted sisters can handle.

When Dahlia is suddenly thrust into the future during a seemingly ordinary meeting, the sisters find themselves at a loss. Lia is haunted by visions of murder, but no one knows who they can turn to for help.

With a persnickety siren demanding an under-the-sea themed birthday party, the sisters could just dive deeper into conch shells, seahorses, and starfish. But when a dead woman is dumped on a busy road, it seems hunting for a killer none of them can identify is now their most important job.

Besieged by zombies, embracing new abilities, and navigating the mounting tension with the Voodoo Queen makes this adventurous new midlife more complicated by the day. The sisters no longer fit in the mundane world, but it seems the magical realm doesn't want them either.

Time to put on their big girl pants and show both worlds what they're made of.




Ghosts, séances, upscale cocktail parties, and Second Line Parades are just the latest trials in the twisted sister’s lives.

With revenge at the top of her mind, the Voodoo Queen's machinations against the Twisted Sisters take a dangerous step in the wrong direction. Marie Leveau has no qualms about putting the sisters' families and allies at risk. She is determined to make everyone pay for thwarting her plan to give an evil loa free reign on Earth.

Aided by her sisters, Drea pushes her newfound psychic powers to the limit with a séance. Together they must claim another victory before they can turn their attention to a growing list of clients. The new daily schedule includes magical practice, potions classes, and fighting for their lives, and the sisters have never been happier. But when powers beyond their understanding threaten to claim one of their own, the sisters must use all they've learned and band together to save her.




Mad Marie is back and she's conjured a contingent of Dark Fae to challenge the Twisted Sisters in their biggest battle yet...

Unwilling to yield to the sisters, The Voodoo Queen strikes again. With the help of the convergence of power, she's shuttled an army of Dark Fae from Eidothea to New Orleans for her next nefarious scheme. Aided by the Fae, Marie Leveau intends to bring back a loa, but not before she manages to kidnap two of the sisters as well.

Caught in the Queen's ruthless clutches, Dani and Lia are cut off from their magic and helpless to escape. Stopping Marie and the Fae isn't an option until they can rally their other sisters to come to their aid. An old-fashioned prison break leads the sisters on an adventure deep beneath Marie's voodoo enchantments, but by the time the sisterly sextet is reunited, it could be too late to stop the loa's return.






The Six Twisted Sisters are facing their hardest challenge yet... hosting the holidays for their entire family at the plantation.

To make their mother's holiday dreams finally come true, the sisters invite the entire extended family to spend the winter holidays at Willowberry Plantation. But being surrounded by their brothers, the children, and everyone else they love makes it more difficult than ever to see the growing target painted on their backs. And all too soon they're up to their magical eyeballs in chaos.

Just because the children are grown doesn't mean they no longer love playing pranks on one another. The seemingly harmless acts make it difficult to determine innocuous events from dangerous ones. And when strange supernatural beings start popping up, the sisters must formulate a new plan to stop Mad Marie and her evil loa before someone pays the ultimate price. Can the sextet stop whatever wicked plan is afoot before it ruins their festivities?





The stakes have never been higher as the Twisted Sisters struggle to dish up enough magic to save themselves and their beloved Crescent City...
While the Voodoo Queen's loa roams the bayous in search of a new host, the sisters must hunt down the six sources of his power to keep him from ghosting the body he currently inhabits. But the manhunt quickly goes awry and places the sisters and their families in some cruel and cursed crosshairs. For extra protection from Marie Leveau and her magical minions, the sisters form their most unexpected alliance yet with an enterprising djinn.
Bolstered by their boosted defenses, the sisters lead the charge to create a new council for the paranormals of New Orleans. With their powers combined, the committee can stop Marie Leveau from ever terrorizing the city again. But first, they must stop her and the loa or the consequences will be dire. The sisters' lives are on the line, and this uphill battle to dethrone the Voodoo Queen could scorch the entire city.




 As a magical hurricane bears down on the Crescent City, the Twisted Sisters must brave the rain and winds to hunt down the source before everyone they love is killed...

When one of their own is framed for multiple murders, the Voodoo Queen and Baron Samedi quickly, become the least of the Twisted Sisters' concerns. As Delphine's stalker grows bold, the sisters do what they can to ensure Phi's students remain safe despite the fact that the evidence suggests something far more terrifying than evil loas and mambos. Could a mundie serial killer really be on the loose?

Concerns over the return of the Skinwalker continue to grow, compounded by the mystery of a supernatural storm threatening to be the worst the city has ever seen. The search for the origins of the meteorological magic leads them below the city streets to a secret demon ward before nearly blowing them away.

Confronting those involved in the chaos challenges the sisters' desire to make friends rather than enemies, but it will take the help of every friend and ally they've ever made through the Aegis Council if they're to have any hope of saving those they love most.





 Luckily for New Orleans, the Six Twisted Sisters have gone from magical newbies to fearless paranormal investigators who will stop at nothing to protect their home from destruction...

When strange things start happening on Royal Street, the sisters spring into action to keep the city's magical realm hidden from the mundies. Searching for answers raises many more questions while simultaneously revealing a sinister force that causes supernaturals to act out in dangerous ways. Lives are now on the line.

As the clock ticks down to discovery or something even more disastrous, the sisters follow a trail of clues to a shocking revelation: an evil spirit has been unleashed upon the city with a murderous agenda spelling doom for all.

The stakes are as high as they've ever been, but the sisters will rise to the challenge. In the face of an impossible choice, will they save their own loved ones, or protect the supernatural world from exposure? Neither, if the vile force running rampant among the supernatural community has anything to say about it.





 Hold on to your cauldrons, because the Six Twisted Sisters are back and ready to tackle the latest supernatural disaster!

After quieting the chaos caused by that pesky, magical hurricane, the sisters could sure use a break. But that's not how their twisted luck works. Before they can even breathe a sigh of relief, a levee mysteriously breaks, flooding parts of the city making gondolas a viable mode of transportation.

The sisters could sit back and enjoy their beignets anyway, but that has never been their style. And if they can declare victory over a malevolent Voodoo Queen, surely they can handle a lake monster rearing its scaly head.

If only that were the end of their troubles!

When a missing crown with ties to a dangerous loa forces the sisters to play supernatural hide and seek, they aren't just going to play a friendly game of dress-up once they win. In fact, if they can't find the crown and it falls into the wrong hands, New Orleans will never be the same.

So what's a coven of trouble-magnet witches to do? With the destiny of their beloved city once again hanging by a thread, you can bet they won't be sipping potions in their parlor. And this time, when the Twisted Sisters put their wits and spells to the test, they won't rest until they've saved their home - and their favorite demon-owned bar - from the worst possible fate yet.





 In the enchanting chaos of Willowberry Plantation, where the supernatural equivalent of a neighborhood watch involves witches with attitude and shapeshifters with sass, trouble brews faster than a potion in a cauldron.

For a brief moment, tranquility comes to Willowberry Plantation until a nymph decides to take an unannounced sabbatical, and the Six Twisted Sisters kick into action quicker than you can say "spell check."

Beneath the charming exterior of the magical manor lies a labyrinth of secrets as tangled as the vines that adorn its facade. Picture this: a centuries-old feud dripping with more drama than a soap opera, featuring the original owner's wife and a rival witch. Love triangles, tunnels that snake like gossip in a small town, and curses activated during a magical storm that would make Shakespeare nod in approval.

As our daring heroines dive into the mess, they uncover more jealousies than a reality TV show, and the strife runs deeper than an underground river. With every ancient grudge unearthed, the sisters inch closer to the heart of the mystery, where dark magic threatens not just the serenity of their supernatural sanctuary but also the lives of their eccentric neighbors.

It's a race against time, tangled emotions, and curses that refuse to stay buried. Will the Six Twisted Sisters save their friends and the precious haven they've crafted, or will Willowberry Plantation succumb to the tempest of dark magic, turning their idyllic retreat into a metaphysical battleground? Buckle up, because this is one magical mystery ride where sarcasm is the weapon of choice, and drama is the least of their worries.