In a world where the threads of reality fray and unravel like a well-worn tapestry, my life is abruptly woven into a tangled mess of fate.

The cost of my transformation is greater than I could have imagined. A cataclysmic upheaval shakes the foundation of my entire family, threatening to tear us apart. The toll nearly claims my beloved husband's life, pushing the boundaries of our endurance to their very limits. Unfortunately, I cannot escape this ethereal web of fate. Thrust into a role I never asked for, I have no choice but to evolve until I become a guardian of relics. I will carry the weight of ancient powers and hidden truths like a sentinel in a world teetering on the precipice of chaos, or I will perish while trying.

To protect those I hold dear, I accept a task as treacherous as dancing with a witch's curse, as daunting as taming a raging storm. Desperately racing against time to construct a sanctuary for the mystical artifacts that hold the key to both salvation and destruction is as much to safeguard my loved ones as it is to protect the antiquities themselves. With the most precious lives hanging in the balance, I simply cannot afford to fail.

As I journey through realms both arcane and familiar, I grapple with the burden of my destiny. The mundane and the mystical clash deep within me, testing my resolve and unraveling everything I thought to be real about my ordinary life. Armed with endless love, determination, and a touch of sarcasm, I press onward, seeking answers to my questions and untangling the secrets knitted within the ancient remains I'm now compelled to protect.

My name is Nylah, and this is the story of how the goddess Artemis saw fit to turn my life upside down by shaping my magical being into a Relic Keeper.




 For anyone who thinks midlife is for sipping tea and taking it slow, I have terrible news. And I've only just begun to untangle the mess that fate left at my doorstep...

I've barely settled into my new supernatural midlife with another call drops in about a missing relic. And putting the finishing touches on my Sanctum will have to wait, as this is no everyday, run-of-the-mill artifact. Oh, no. This is a Siren Song, straight from the treasure trove of a Balinese clan.

And as my never-ending bad luck would have it, the Song has fallen into the hands of a clueless mundie. There are worse places to jet off to, of course. Bali is beautiful, but I can't stay long. My whirlwind chase is quickly redirected to the bustling streets of New York City. But my rollercoaster ride to secure the relic doesn't stop there. Up and down the entire east coast, I pursue the mischievous Siren Song. And the Siren Song gleefully leaves a trail of supernatural chaos in its wake.

Soon, I'm having very real doubts about my ability to be the Relic Keeper. Whatever Artemis saw in me, I can safely say I am not certain that I see in myself.

The clock is ticking louder than ever, and my cup of choice is no longer just tea. With the artifact's power swiftly growing, it won't be long before I'm out of my depth and unable to secure it. I call in reinforcements in the form of my two best friends, but I'm still not confident that we can retrieve this mesmerizing relic before it ensnares the entire nation.

Get ready for a wild magical ride filled with unexpected twists, hairpin turns, and some supernatural mayhem you simply won't believe!





 The stakes are the highest they've ever been when fate decides now is the time for me to start a wild phoenix chase...

I'm still not sure I'm meant to be Relic Keeper but the work is never-ending. What's on the agenda now? A call for help from Phoebe that sends me and my trusty sidekicks into action. The Emberflare phoenix clan is missing a very important relic. And while the circumstances are mysterious at best and nefarious at worst, the most important thing is that we retrieve it. And this is no ordinary knick-knack. It's the Phoenix Flame itself!

So much for the safety and security of their entire clan.

As our mission takes us from the secretive phoenix clan lands, where every winged wonder seems to know everyone's business, to the chilly tundras that can freeze your magic socks off, I find myself talking icy creatures out of turning us into powerful popsicles each day. Then comes the twist we never saw coming.

False accusations, endless chaos, and enough mayhem to make any sane person go nuts follow us from one frozen realm to the next. Now it's obvious this artifact adventure isn't as straightforward as it seemed.

But how do we find out who is behind this whole mess before the relic falls into the wrong talons? One wrong move and we'll create a phoenix-sized catastrophe that will leave us all burning with regret!




Family always comes first, until fate decides that an artifact in peril simply can't wait for my kids to not need me...

Just when I thought I could sneak in some R&R with my two lovely daughters in beautiful Greece, my relentless Relic Keeper alarm bells start ringing. So much for the sweet sounds of a family vacation. Duty simply won't stop calling.

Maisy and Amelie, my little chips-off-the-old-block, feel the urgency too. What's a magical mom to do? Against my better judgment, I let 'em tag along on a little relic rescue mission. They won't be children forever, and they should understand what fate keeps asking me to do.

Our quest takes us on a whirlwind adventure through the gorgeous Greek mountains, where ancient monsters that I thought only existed in myths wait to battle with me at every turn. What I wouldn't give to catch a break!

But vanquishing mythological beasts is just the beginning of this mission, and soon we're wearing our professor hats and diving deep into discussions with some university scholars. Can we unravel the missing relic's mystery? Not without my partners in crime. To save the day, I dial up Kaiya and Aeira, who quickly come charging in to help. Turns out some wicked witch is using the Key to Atlantis to make the city her own, and there's no one else to stop her.

Relaxing with my daughters will simply have to wait, but at least they're watching three strong women save the supernatural world.