Welcome to Bramble’s Edge Academy. A university where Fae hone their elemental powers. Sounds exactly like what a powerful being needs, right?

Problem is I’m not one of them. So, when my time came to attend the school, I tried to escape the collectors which left incapacitated in the middle of the quad with battered wings and an unwanted attraction to Maurelle.

The sexy female comes with more than I can afford. My mom drilled into me that I need to keep my head down and get through my three years here without notice. Unfortunately, Maurelle’s smile makes me forget my name. To make matters worse. Fate keeps throwing us together.

And, not for sexy times like I’d hoped. We discover a plot to poison the students, as well as the Headmistress’s secret group of assassins. What kind of school has cold blooded killers living on campus and deadly plots?

With a group of lethal Fae lurking about I should stay put in my room and study like the rest of the students. But, I’m not like the others attending the academy. And, I refuse leave my people to be manipulated and robbed of their elemental magic.

Turns out there’s a reason for that. I’m the heir to the Fae throne! I’m the one person that can change life for my kind. Nothing like adding complications to my already precarious situation. Dangers rise and I want to claim my title. Problem is the fallout will bring more casualties than I can live with.








I recently discovered I am the previously believed dead Fae King. But it isn’t all coronations and revolution like I’d hoped.

Bramble’s Edge Academy was established to train Fae how to control and wield their elemental power. And, I have only completed one of three years. I don’t have the power I need.

I have more power than I bargained for and no idea how to utilize it. Let alone eliminate the ones responsible for my parent’s death before they get to me, too.

Word gets out that the king is back, and my friends scramble to mask my identity. Those responsible for the destruction of Fae society turn up the heat on me leaving those that I love in the crossfire. Maurelle and Brokk end up getting burned.

Whether I like it or not, I must take huge risks if I am going to save those closest to me and have a shot at freeing the rest of the realm. The clock is ticking, and time has almost run out.




I’m done waiting until I graduate the Academy to claim my title. Time has run out. My people are suffering and being killed. I’m the f@*%g Fae King and I’m taking my throne.


I’ve learned a lot during my time at Bramble’s Edge Academy, but it feels like it’s not going to be enough. The biggest question is whether or not I am strong enough to take care of the Dark Fae that’s been terrorizing our realm and trying to take what’s mine.




The Dark Fae is not my only problem. The humans live in my family’s castle and have taken over most of our lands.


I’m in for the fight of my life with my mate and personal guard. I gain an ally I never saw coming and it’s up to us to save the Fae Kingdom before it’s too late.