Twisted Sisters’ Midlife Maelstrom: 


Packing Serious Magical Mojo

Cadaver on Canal Street

Seances & Second Line Parades

French Quarter Fae

King’s Day Magical Mischief

Etou-Fae the Hard Way

Hurricanes, Heroes, & Hail Marys

Royal Street Romp

Levees, Lost Crowns & Loa

Mud Bugs & Cherished Hugs




Dame of the Midnight Relics: 


Surprised by a Supernatural Start

Combating the Siren Song

Defending the Phoenix Flame


Supernatural Midlife Mystique Series: 

The Prime of my Magical Life

All Good Magic Comes to an End

Sweet Magical Destruction

It Takes a Demon to Know One

The Demon is in the Details

Magic is Only Skin Deep

A Demon is as a Demon Does

Fork in the Magical Quest



The Dark Warrior Alliance:  


Dream Warrior (Dark Warrior Alliance, Book 1)

Mystik Warrior (Dark Warrior Alliance, Book 2)

Pema’s Storm (Dark Warrior Alliance, Book 3)

Isis’ Betrayal (Dark Warrior Alliance, Book 4)

Deviant Warrior (Dark Warrior Alliance, Book 5)

Suvi’s Revenge (Dark Warrior Alliance, Book 6)

Mistletoe & Mayhem (Dark Warrior Alliance, Novella)

Scarred Warrior (Dark Warrior Alliance, Book 7)

Heat in the Bayou (Dark Warrior Alliance, Novella, Book 7.5)

Hellbound Warrior (Dark Warrior Alliance, Book 8)

Isobel (Dark Warrior Alliance, Book 9)

Rogue Warrior (Dark Warrior Alliance, Book 10)

Shattered Warrior (Dark Warrior Alliance, Book 11)

King of Khoth (Dark Warrior Alliance, Book 12)

Ice Warrior (Dark Warrior Alliance, Book 13)

Fire Warrior (Dark Warrior Alliance, Book 14)

Ramiel (Dark Warrior Alliance, Book 15)

Rivaled Warrior (Dark Warrior Alliance, Book 16)

Dragon Knight of Khoth (Dark Warrior Alliance, Book 17)

Ayil (Dark Warrior Alliance, Book 18)

Guild Master (Dark Alliance Book 19)

Maven Warrior (Dark Alliance Book 20)

Sentinel of Khoth (Dark Alliance Book 21)

Araton (Dark Warrior Alliance Book 22)

Cambion Lord (Dark Warrior Alliance Book 23)

Omega (Dark Warrior Alliance Book 24)

Dragon Lothario of Khoth (Dark Warrior Alliance Book 25)


Cunning Warrior (Dark Warrior Alliance Book 26) Coming NOVEMBER 2023




Dark Warrior Alliance Boxsets:


Dark Warrior Alliance Boxset Books 1-4

Dark Warrior Alliance Boxset Books 5-8

Dark Warrior Alliance Boxset Books 9-12

Dark Warrior Alliance Boxset Books 13-16

Dark Warrior Alliance Boxset Books 17-20 




Hollow Rock Shifters:  


Captivity, Hollow Rock Shifters Book 1

Safe Haven, Hollow Rock Shifters Book 2

Alpha, Hollow Rock Shifters Book 3

Ravin, Hollow Rock Shifters Book 4

Impeached, Hollow Rock Shifters Book 5

Anarchy, Hollow Rock Shifters Book 6

Allies, Hollow Rock Shifters Book 7

Sovereignty, Hollow Rock Shifters Book 8 




Bramble’s Edge Academy: 


Unearthing the Fae King

Masking the Fae King

Revealing the Fae King  



Midnight Doms: 



Her Vampire Bad Boy

Her Vampire Suspect

All Souls Night