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Dark Warrior Alliance Book 1


Zander Tarakesh has been vampire king for over seven centuries and has finally found what he has been denied his long life, his Fated Mate, but can he overcome the most powerful archdemon set against him yet, to save her life?  

Dream Warrior (Dark Warrior Alliance, Book 1)


"Paranormal fans looking for their next taste of vampire romance won't want to miss this exciting, sensual story of old world lore and modern day mayhem...a scorching introduction to the Dark Warrior Alliance"

      ~ RT Book Reviews




Dark Warrior Alliance Book 2


Jace Miakoda is a sorcerer who has been dumped on by fate one too many times.  Suffering a century of torture closed his heart to love and acceptance.  He escapes the prison walls, only to realize he's mystically bound to his tormentor.  When he finds his Fated Mate, he discovers her soul is in mortal danger and he must find a way to save them both in the process.    


Mystik Warrior (Dark Warrior Alliance, Book 2)



5 stars 

"I'm hooked on this author.... Read three of her books in two days and can't wait to get the next one.....these are the kind of books I would love to see as movies" 




Dark Warrior Alliance Book 3


Pema is one of a rare set of triplets born on a rare Blue Moon.  As such they are the most powerful witches in the Tehrex Realm.  Too bad all she wants to do is party and have fun.  Will finding her Fated Mate change that? 

Pema's Storm (Rowan Sister's Trilogy, Book 1)





Treachery, intrigue and unlikely alliances...Isis is tested to the limit with her ability to keep her temper under check. 


Isis' Betrayal (Rowan Sister's Trilogy, Book 2)



Dark Warrior Alliance Book 5


Kyran Tarakesh walks a razor's edge of control and likes it that way until he discovers his Fated Mate after they are thrust into a dragon realm.  He finds himself in an impossible situation, trying to dodge his mate's attempts to murder him, escape from imprisonment and find a way to return home.

Deviant Warrior (Dark Warrior Alliance Book #3 )



Dark Warrior Alliance Book 5.5


Jessie Higgins is on her way home for the holidays when she meets James, a sexy wolf shifter.  Things heat up quickly between them as he puts his life on the line to save hers.  One thing is for certain, it's going to be one hell of a ride.






Dark Warrior Alliance Book 6


Suvi is the baby of the triplets and known as the Party Girl of the Realm.  She has her limits and magic tested when she meets her Fated Mate, who is on borrowed time. 


Suvi's Revenge (Rowan Sisters' Trilogy Book 3)



Dark Warrior Alliance Book 7


Being a Dark Warrior and protecting others has been the only focus in Gerrick Haele’s life for centuries, until he receives the shock of his life when one of the females he rescues from the archdemon’s clutches ignites an arousal that hints at her being his Fated Mate.  Problem is, Gerrick’s Fated Mate was murdered four hundred years earlier...






Dark Warrior Alliance Book 7.5


When a new drug goes rampant in the Tehrex Realm, shifter Zeke Jackson heads to New Orleans to get to the bottom of things. Thrust into a city filled with mystery and magic, Zeke finds more than he had bargained for with the seductive Voodoo Priestess, Tia Benoit. Forced to follow Tia into the world of the dead to get his answers, Zeke finds himself in over his head. Finding his Fated Mate wasn’t supposed to be part of this mission and in an effort to keep Tia safe from the dangerous drug dealers, Zeke strikes out on his own. Soon he realizes his mistake as he is taken captive and is at the mercy of the needle shoved in his arm. Will he become the next Angel’s Kiss victim or find his way back to Tia, the only addiction he craves?




Dark Warrior Alliance Book 8


Rhys O'Morda is the Dark Warrior known for joking around, partying and seducing females so when saving the planet from Lucifer's wrath is thrust upon his shoulders, he sobers quickly. Thrown into the Underworld where his inner beast struggles to dominate, he finds a greater challenge in a Fated Mate of the angelic kind.  Can he retrieve the amulet and prove to her his heart is pure, or will he allow his demonic past to resurface, destroying him and everything he loves?



Dark Warrior Alliance Book 9


Elsie has everything she could ever want - mated to the Vampire King, working at her dream job, surrounded by family and friends and expecting her first child. Her bliss quickly turns into a nightmare of epic proportions when her newborn daughter becomes the primary target of the nefarious archdemon. Seeking guidance from the Goddess, Elsie and Zander discover the only way to protect their fragile baby is to summon a Guardian Angel.

When the enticing guardian appears, Elsie and Zander face far more challenges than merely keeping their daughter safe. As feelings ignite, jealousy threatens to tear them apart and for the first time, being Fated may not guarantee an eternity together.






Dark Warrior Alliance Book 10


Santiago is on a path of destruction believing his role as Dark Warrior entitles him to be judge, jury and executioner. The aftermath of him killing an Angel’s Kiss dealer has him cast from Zeum. As a lone wolf, he doesn’t think life will get much worse than losing his family, his purpose and his home until the Goddess gives him an assassin for a Fated Mate itching to put a silver bullet between his eyes.






Dark Warrior Alliance Book 11


Detective Orlando Trovatelli is a glutton for punishment when it comes to matters of the heart and not even his shifter instincts can keep him on course. His personal life is just part of the problem. With his Omega on one side of the fence and Zander on the other, Orlando is forced to choose between his loyalty to the Dark Warriors and disclosing their existence to humans.  After everything Orlando has been through, he questions the Goddess and whether his faith in her has been in vain.







Dark Warrior Alliance Book 12


Dragon shifter, Angus Callanach, is returning to his home realm after one of the Vampire Princes reopens the portal to Khoth. Having spent two hundred years as the majordomo at Zeum, he is ready to once again take up his mantle as the king of the Cuelebre. Life seems sublime when his millennia long search for the love of his life, Keira ends. That is, until he discovers she has no recollection of him or their relationship and she is firmly in the clutches of his archenemy, Cyril, the Unseelie King.




Dark Warrior Alliance Book 13


Bhric Tarakesh was drowning at the bottom of a scotch-filled barrel. One bad decision after another has led him to alcoholism, bar fights, alienation of his family, and, the cherry topper of his shit sundae, impregnating a female he abhors. As he spirals out of control, a cataclysmic event thrusts him into a human hospital and into the hands of a sexy doctor that sets his icy soul on fire, guaranteeing his world will never be the same.


Alex Layne, a prominent physician at Harborview Hospital is thrown into a world she thought was myth when a dying man is brought into her ER. While treating him, she panics when she sees his fangs and makes an uncharacteristic decision to sneak him out of the hospital, and harms way. And, that’s only the beginning. As she helps him heal and recover, she discovers a new world of vampires, shifters, and demons, but that doesn’t compare to the lust and passion that leaves her craving the vampire’s bite.





Dark Warrior Alliance Book 14


Breslin Tarakesh isn’t your typical Vampire Princess. She loves designer clothes and bling, but is at home in her fighting leathers with her sais in hand. Court politics are not her thing and she eschews everything to do with the simpering suck-ups that want to use her family to gain favor. She’s meant for more than elaborate crowns and parties. She wasn’t given the power to wield fire simply to light candles. She prefers frying demons instead. As the only female Dark Warrior in the Seattle compound, she is accustomed to dealing with males and their quirks. If only centuries of living with flirtatious males prepared her for meeting her Fated Mate. She has never dreamed of being wooed with hearts and flowers, but she imagined her mate would be loyal and true. Enter her sexy fire demon and her survival hangs by a singed thread.



Dark Warrior Alliance Book 15


Ramiel , a newly-appointed Angel of Retribution, is out for his pound of flesh...demon flesh. When his charge Isobel is kidnapped and taken to the Underworld he is determined to get her back, no matter the cost. Even ally with a Fallen Angel, the antithesis of everything he fights for.

Their mission places them in the Inner Circles of Hell and pulls Rami to the razor's edge of passion with Zakara. If the challenges of the Underworld don't destroy him, succumbing to her seductive touch could be his fatal mistake.





Dark Warrior Alliance Book 16


Identical twins share a special bond, and vampires Cade and Cael are no exception. The two are rarely seen apart, and their closeness is unmistakable. As Dark Warriors, their success on the battlefield is attributed to their ability to anticipate each other's moves, as well as, a telepathic connection. The duo defeats their enemies with their collaborative skill. They are invaluable to the Tehrex Realm, protecting innocent humans and supernaturals from the archdemons plaguing their world. As the demons continue to terrorize supernatural children, Cade and Cael must rely on their strong connection to remain vigilante. That is, until the sexy harpy, Brianne, swoops into their lives, threatening to shred their brotherhood, and hearts, to pieces.

Brianne is a greedy harpy with an insatiable appetite, but she is beyond shocked when she realizes the sexy vampire that brought her desire and passion to new heights was actually two different men. Seriously? identical twins? What are the chances? Tempers flare and rivalry erupts between Cade and Cael as they try to woo Brianne in, and out, of the bedroom. Problem is, she wants them both. When the trio is forced to put differences aside in order to save Brianne's leader, a near miss with death is all it takes for Brianne to make her choice. And, her decision goes against all the rules for Fated Mates.



Dark Warrior Alliance Book 17


Lorne is a dragon knight to his core. He joined the Khoth Maahes as a young dragon and quickly rose to second Lieutenant. His days are spent fighting the Unseelie and guarding the royal family. When the Cuelebre King assigns Lorne to play bodyguard to Cambree, the realm’s hottest commodity, he is insulted. His skills are better suited for battle, not following a dragon-breeder around town. His arrogance results in Cambree being attacked, and the female adds insult to injury by firing him. Determined to earn her trust and respect, Lorne sets out to ensure her ongoing safety, but finds himself undeniably drawn to the female. Their passion burns hotter than his dragon fire, but Lorne isnt the only male vying for her attention. He's prepared to go down in flames to win her heart, but if he isn't careful, that's exactly what will happen.

Cambree enjoys her quiet life. Too shy for her own good, she prefers to melt in the shadows where she's lived her entire life. When the king returns to Khoth, and resumes the ancient ceremony identifying fertile females, Cambree is shocked when she is chosen. She's never been on a single date and is suddenly the focus of every male on Khoth. The irrisistible, sexy knight assigned to protect Cambree stirs a desire she's never felt before, but when she needs Lorne the most, he's nowhere to be found. Then Cambree draws the attention of the most dangerous creature in the realm, and becomes the target of a sinister plan that could rob the Cuelebre dragons of their ability to procreate.

Will Lorne and Cambree find their happily ever after, or will the entire dragon species burn away like embers of a fire?




Dark Warrior Alliance Book 18


Ayil, a powerful warrior angel, is on a mission to discover if a Phoenix clan is working with demons. Unfortunately, his plan goes south the moment he meets Kennex, an irresistible clan member who unknowingly possesses demonic energy. When he sees evidence she was attacked, Ayil can’t resist intervening on her behalf, despite the fact his actions threaten his task, as well as, the very foundations of Heaven and angelkind.

Kennex vowed long ago to never trust angels. Her experiences taught her they're as controling and manipulative as any demon, some even more so. When her tormentuous past hunts her down and stakes a claim on her body and soul, she's forced to rethink her strategy and seek alliance with Ayil, a sexy warrior angel. The thin line between love and hate quickly blurs as attraction blazes between them.

Will Ayil's mission succeed and possibly destroy Kennex's clan, or will his desire for the alluring Phoenix lead him down the rabbit hole of self-destruction? They say love conquers all. This time it just might.



Dark Warrior Alliance Book 19


When the deadly drug Angel’s Kiss returns to the Tehrex Realm, Evzen Raziel, Guild Master of the sorcerers, makes it his mission to destroy those responsible. The drug threatens to expose his world to humans and is destroying countless lives of the supernatural. He would rather meet his own demise than allow that to happen. Incensed that one of his own is responsible, Evzen leaves the safety net of his non-violent cocoon and strategizes to execute the guilty. His plan fails miserably when he, along with fellow Dark Warriors and trainees, are injured and captured. Ultimately, the loss they suffer is irreparable and grievous. His female captor, Braelynn, stirs anything but the loathing he should feel toward her. Despite the danger the female poses, Evzen convinces Braelynn to set him and the warriors free, and brings her into the midst of the Dark Warrior Alliance, ignoring the warning signs that indicate she’s fulfilling her evil mother’s agenda.

Braelynn, sole heir to a despicable sorceress, is forced to choose between her mother’s legacy and an unknown life within a realm where she’s hated from day one. It should be an easy decision, after all, since she’s accused of consorting with demons by her new ‘friends’.


After the death of a revered warrior, Braelynn decides to help the irresistible Evzen held prisoner in her mother’s dungeon. As truths unfold, she discovers her mother lied her entire life, and Braelynn isn’t sure where to turn, or who to believe. As her newly-acquired powers spin out of control, Braelynn threatens the stability of the Tehrex Realm. As an outsider, she’s forced to accept the fact she is her mother’s daughter. Struggling for acceptance, Braelynn must look deep inside and determine where her loyalties lie, but that threatens to deprive her of the sexy sorcerer she’s inexorably drawn to.

Can their magical passion withstand the trials and tribulations, or will their pasts dictate their future happiness?




Dark Warrior Alliance Book 20


Killian Silesia has dedicated his life to protecting the Tehrex Realm from demons, as well as, being the King of Fun. The nickname is appropriate, given he owns the realm's most popular nightclub, Confetti Too. His seat on the Dark Alliance council ensures the club is hidden from humans, yet safe for supernaturals. Killian's exposure to humans is entirely virtual as he is the computer expert in the realm, so he is entirely unprepared when a human enters his bar. He's captivated at first site and thrown off his game by the alluring female. The fact that he doesn't bother investigating where she came from proves disastrous, but he's too busy seducing her to consider the consequences. Has he found his Fated Mate, or a mole that could end supernaturals' secrecy once and for all?



Teagan Lewis accidentally discovers an unknown world of mythical creatures when she enters Confetti Too, and is further compelled to immerse herself in the intriguing yet dangerous realm. She meets the sexy owner, Killian, and can't resist his magical charm but as a malicious force takes hold, Teagan acts without conscious intent to learn every secret about the Dark Warriors, and its leader. Can she overcome the inner turmoil that threatens to expose the warriors and the Tehrex Realm? What price will be paid for succumbing to the sexy sorcerer?



Dark Warrior Alliance Book 21



Talysia, a siren halfling, has been an outcast her entire life. She's moved too many times to count, searching for somewhere to call home. She travels to the dragon realm of Khoth and immediately falls in love with the simple lifestyle of the mystical realm. She is drawn even deeper when she meets Finn, a sexy dragon knight, and imagines herself finally settling in one place. Unfortunately, her bliss quickly morphs to terror when Talysia finds herself in the middle of a brutal war between the dragons and their enemies? So much for the simple life.

Finn, a formidable dragon knight of Khoth, does everything in his power to protect his king and queen, as well as, the Cuelebre citizens. When duty leads him to the captivating Talysia, a half-breed siren, their instant attraction burns soul deep. Her tempting curves and irresistible voice incite him like no other, and for the first time in his life, Finn imagines placing his mark on a female. And then the shitstorm hits.

Cyril, the evil Unseelie King, ups the ante in his war against the King of Khoth, and Finn vows to defeat the vile male threatening to destroy his realm and those he loves. To make matters worse, fate takes a nasty turn and the Cuelebre Queen and the heirs to the throne become sick from an unknown source. Battling the hands of time, Finn fears what the future holds for his homeland, its people, and the female that has captured his heart.



Dark Warrior Alliance Book 22



Araton is one of the most feared Warrior Angels in existence. He’s brutal and stops at nothing to eradicate the demons dumb enough to cross over to Earth. The only good demon is a dead one. Nothing ever distracts him from the mission given to him by God. He was literally created to eradicate the malicious beings that seek destruction.

And then he meets Natalia Olsen a New Orleans Police officer and as a spicy as Cajun food. The pull between the two is irresistible from the moment he saves her from dying at the hand of an archdemon.

Unaware of the devil within, Natalia finds herself in the midst of carnage time and again with no memory of the events that lead her there. Araton is the only one she can call upon.

With enemies lurking in every shadow, Araton and Natalia must work together to stop the ritual to free Lucifer from the magic that binds him to the Underworld. If that happens no one will be safe. The sizzling attraction between them overcomes common sense and leaves Natalia vulnerable. Will their connection save her life or create the opening Lucifer needs to break free?


Dark Warrior Alliance Book 23


A Fallen Angel. The Leader of Cambion Hybrids. Dangerous Sexual Attraction.

Desperate to calm the raging desires of his insatiable inner beast, incubus-human hybrid Dante volunteers to lead recruitment and training for the Dark Warriors. But the demands of Cambion leadership do nothing to quell his physical needs or quiet his troubled mind. As he battles to regain control of his urges and shake the mistakes of his past, he's closer than ever to giving in to his demonic side.

Unlike the rest of the Fallen Angels, Chloe has an uncanny ability to stay off the radar. Millennia of eschewing romantic entanglements and staying out of trouble has served her very well. But after a Daeva demon leaves her for dead, she feels a certain longing to join her fellow Angels in the war to eradicate the demons. And that longing is matched only by her unexpected need for the sexy Cambion Lord who saved her life.


On opposite sides of a battle neither asked for, will Chloe and Dante forsake their truest natures and give in to love?


Dark Warrior Alliance Book 24



When he finds himself her prisoner, desire leads the way. And he's going to wield it as his most dangerous weapon.

Hayden Jesaray has always been devoted to the Texrex Realm, but the handsome, brooding omega doesn't exactly agree with the Goddess's edict of secrecy. When he decides to enlist the help of humans in the fight against the demons, he learns a painful lesson and finds himself cut open on Dr. Seijo's exam table.

Having committed her life to creating "super soldiers", Dr. Millie Seijo is thrilled when her plan to capture Hayden works flawlessly. And she can't wait to study the man claiming that supernatural beings exist. But when her prisoner turns out to be more than she ever expected, she finds herself torn between the tall, muscular shifter leader and her devotion to her job.

Faced with the ultimate challenge, will Millie let Hayden steal her heart before she succumbs to all of her mistakes?


Dark Warrior Alliance Book 25


A dedicated dragon knight of Khoth, Blaine spends his days fighting the Unseelie and guarding the royal family. But his nights are filled with passion and pleasure as he pursues every female he can manage on his mission to become the most sought-after lover in the realm.