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Friday Frights ~ PNR Reviews ~ Dream Warrior (Dark Warrior Alliance Book 1) by Brenda Trim and Tami Julka
Reviewed by Shirley ~ 4.5 Stars

What a first book in this amazing new series. It is a beautiful, sensual, erotic story about a love that was nurtured to bring fulfilment to two people. One is a human woman the other is a vampire king.

These two were meant to be together for all time, but the road to reach this was fraught with difficulties, it tells of hardship and sorrow. This story was about a strong powerful vampire showing the strength to nurture along with a deep love that he knew was meant to be. He had found his Fated Mate, Elsie Hayes.

Elsie had lost her husband when he was murdered by vampires. It had left her stricken with grief, she couldn't eat and had a block of ice surrounding her, but through it all she had come out fighting, determined to get her revenge on the vampires. Elsie had joined a group, learned how to fight and was going out nightly to kill as many vampires as she could to keep other people safe from these evil predators.

Elsie found by doing this helped her slightly come to terms with the deep grief she felt. With the love in her heart and vows she was determined to keep she was determined, but that was all going to be rocked with an encounter she had when Elsie and her sister, Cailyn, went out to eat one day. Elsie while there noticed a sexy as sin man looking at her. He was superb; broad shouldered, muscled and had the bluest eyes she had ever seen. He made her have feelings she hadn't felt in a long time and wanting to do erotic acts with him. He affected the very core of her, warming her, making her stomach clench with need, but then the guilt hit her, she was betraying her husband. No, there was going to be no one else in her life even if he was the hottest man she had ever seen. She couldn't leave the establishment quick enough.

Zander Tarakesh, the vampire king was intrigued with the human female that had walked into the eatery he was in. He had felt recognition to her. He was deeply attracted to her, to her smell of sweet honeysuckle which was affecting him on such a sexual level even though he knew he couldn't pursue it as the woman was human, and he was waiting for his Fated Mate, but he was consumed with desire for her, something in all his seven hundred years he had never felt for a woman before.

He was the vampire king of the Tehrex Realm. He was there to protect humans against the demons and the skirm that preyed on them, to keep them safe. This deep attraction that Zander was feeling for this beautiful human woman was very unsettling and wrong in many ways. It was making him wonder what his Goddess had in store for him.

Their story begins here. Not being able to get Elsie out of his mind, Zander asked a fellow warrior to find out all he could about her, and the news was astounding, not only did she know about the skirm but purposely went out hunting them. He had put two of his warriors in the local police force and with them he went to Elsie's home to tell her they were looking into the death of her husband. As soon as she answered her door he was assailed with her unique honeysuckle scent.

“His cock ached for a taste of this female, his heart wanted to reach out to her all the while his head was arguing with his heart. He feared her human status, but still wanted her. Not one part of his body was in agreement with another.”

Lust coursed through his veins, she was, ravishing. For Elsie when she opened the door and saw him standing there with the two detectives …

“Arousal, hot and insistent, coursed through her to pool in her core. She hid her torso behind her front door to hide how her nipples had hardened. It was unsettling how rapidly she lost control of her body as she began aching for this man. It was a stab to the gut that she was so drawn to this stranger. Her black hole throbbed painfully making her sick to her stomach. Guilt and shame warred for dominance over desire in her mind. The conflicting emotions lashed her.”

Even though after eighteen months had passed since her husband’s death, with her sister and friends’ telling her it was time to move on, she couldn't, she still loved her husband. These two people, Zander and Elsie, wanted each other, but for different reasons were fighting it. Theirs was a long road of twists and turns, but the love Zander felt for Elsie, which he couldn't deny anymore, knew he had to treat Elsie carefully giving her the respect for her feelings about her husband, but showing her that what they shared was a bond that was so strong and good that he was never going to give up on her.

Slowly Elsie's heart was thawing. Through sexual, erotic dreams and fantasies Elsie was having about Zander, which left her panting and wanting him so much, the guilt of her attraction to Zander slowly ebbed away the more she was in his company. His slow loving, patiently waiting for her to realize that the love they shared was not wrong, slowly chipping away the ice surrounding her heart. It was the heart rendering that the guilt Elsie felt because of her husband that was slowing this beautiful relationship down. You cannot help feel for both of them, but Zanders loving patient ways were slowly making a difference and he got closer to Elsie

“She arched to his quaking body and felt hot liquid of his seed spread across her abdomen and breasts. Her nerve endings fired messages of bliss throughout her body, and she felt tension in her lower abdomen. Her orgasm exploded before she formed another thought. Twining her legs around his waist, she rode the rigid length of his still erect and spurting cock, unable to stop or control her reaction to his bite. She screamed out his name, ass her body shattered and stars blinked behind her eyes.”

But there is so much more to this book. It is filled with the scrumptious Dark Warriors fighting for humanity. Evil surrounding them all. Ms Trim, Ms Julka what a book, it has everything, a real page turner. I for one have already bought book 2 and am eagerly waiting to devour it.

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