ANARCHY - Hollow Rock Shifters Book 6

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Zane Walker aligned himself with Lawson and his kind in their fight for shifter rights. He can’t ignore the call to help when he sees the injustice. Likely because he is a half-breed. It doesn’t matter if he can’t shift and has few characteristics in common with them, ensuring their safety becomes his top priority. The laws previously in place regarding shifters do nothing to protect them when they are attacked from all sides. 

If he hadn’t been invested before he met Brenlee he would have jumped on board to ensure she was safe. The sexy shifter captures his interest and holds it. Dangers rise and the last thing either of them need is to become more involved. Soon it’s not safe for shifters to venture outside the confines of Safe Haven. Zane’s life is on the line and only his suppressed shifter side can save him. Will he be able to connect to his dormant animal before he perishes?